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     When you talk to company CEOs about executive protection, you can almost read their minds.  The first things they think of are images of muscle bound men in black suits, dark glasses, and huge guns bulging out from under their suits.  While for some high profile celebrities this may be the case, it doesn't have to be this way for everyone.  Today more than ever, executive protection is paramount for corporate executives.  Yet the thought of restricting or changing their lifestyle leads them to the typical excuses.  "I'm not important enough to need protection."  "Why would anyone want to harm me?Ē

     Thanks to numerous new professional magazines and extensive media coverage of every aspect of industry today, security through obscurity is no longer possible.  The trouble is, while you know very little about why anyone would want to harm you or your family, the person or persons who have targeted you have done their homework.   You can be certain they know everything about you and your daily habits.  Thanks to the internet, thereís very little an aggressive individual can find out about you.  Obscurity is not an option.

     Executive Protection doesnít have to be so intrusive that you have stop living.  The bodyguards in black suits and dark glasses donít have to surround you everywhere you go.  While changes are inevitable, an executive vulnerability assessment will allow you to develop your executive protection plan and allow you to continue to live your life.  C.U. Enterprises can help you through this process.   We have the specialized expertise to assess the vulnerability of you executive staff and help you develop the right executive protection program for you.