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     Today, each company should consider implementing physical security measures to safeguard personnel and prevent unauthorized access to critical equipment, systems, material, and information at critical facilities.  Policies and procedures should be established as guideline that applies to facilities and functions that are considered critical to the support of the countries infrastructure and the overall operation of the individual company.  Each company should define and identify those facilities and functions it believes to be critical, keeping in mind that the ability to mitigate the loss of a facility through redundancies may make that facility less critical than others.  A critical facility may be defined as any facility or combination of facilities, if severely damaged or destroyed, would have a significant impact on the ability to serve large quantities of customers for an extended period of time, would have a detrimental impact to the reliability or operability of the company, or would cause significant risk to public health and safety.

These guidelines should identify “best practices” for the company in the area of physical security for facilities or functions identified as critical. It should be used in conjunction with the Vulnerability and Risk Assessment guideline, which assists companies in identifying critical facilities.

 C.U. Enterprises is prepared to conduct the necessary risk and vulnerability assessment to assist your company in developing a “best practice” physical security plan.  But we don’t stop there.  We will stay with you throughout the process to develop security policies and procedures; choosing the appropriate physical security measures; and establishing a comprehensive security awareness program.